Huh: These 7 Things We Apparently Clean Too Often

This will save the time and energy you spend on your cleaning schedule!

There are some things in our home that we don’t keep clean enough. However, it appears that there are other things we do clean often. Yes, you heard it right! Certain things don’t like being cleaned frequently. The following seven tasks can be skipped more frequently.

1. Curtains

Do you clean your curtains regularly? That means you wash them 3 times during the year. Curtains need to be cleaned once per year. Do you want to clean them more frequently? Many dryers have the “air solely” option, which will make them dust-free. Curtains for the kitchen can be placed in the washer a bit more frequently.

2. (Sports) clothing

Since we sweat a lot when exercising, it’s sensible to just throw our sportswear into the laundry hamper afterward. But, clothes do not require washing after a single wear, and the same is true for sportswear. Sports pants can last from three to four times before needing to be washed. If you sweat frequently do you need to wash your clothes at least every other day?

3. Seat Covers

Covers for seats are extremely helpful to keep your chairs clean. Clean them every season and they’ll remain fresh and delicious. Chair covers can follow the same process as curtains: washing them every year is enough. The stains that develop over time are best treated in a localized manner.

4. Plates

You’re thinking: plates have to be cleaned after each occasion you utilize them isn’t it? Yes, but when you rinse your plates before you place them back in your dishwasher, you’re doing the same thing twice. This isn’t necessary. Naturally, you must clean the food thoroughly however dirt could remain on the table. What if you didn’t make this a priority? Then the detergent is no longer able to adhere to dirt and does not accomplish its goal. Plus, you can also save water by this method!

5. Pans

Non-stick pans don’t need to be cleaned thoroughly after each use. If you are only cooking an egg, it’s enough to wash the pan using hot water. So the Teflon coating lasts longer.

6. Jeans

A great pair of jeans doesn’t have to be washed often. It’s only after six years of wear, denim experts recommend. If you wash a pair of jeans frequently and the quality is deteriorating, it will happen more quickly. Hanging them outside or on an open window at night will also help to make them fresher.

7. Parquet Floor

Water and parquet floors are not an ideal match. Therefore, you should not sweep your floor often and, most importantly be sure that it is not wet. This will help keep the flooring in good shape for a longer time. Floor stains are best removed by wiping the floor with a damp cloth. Make sure that the stain is dried immediately following.

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