How I Got Rid of Mold In My Bathroom Forever With These Six Simple Tricks

The lower humidity in the bathroom can mean less likelihood of developing mold!

If you take a bath and shower the bath instantly becomes humid. The mirror and windows get smudged up and everything becomes damp. It’s normal, however, you need to stop the moisture from lingering all day. Luckily, we’ve got a couple of tips that can help you avoid this issue.

The bathroom in your home is an area that is humid Naturally. Baths and showers are taken every day, which causes condensation. If your bathroom doesn’t have properly ventilated (through or through an open window or a fan), the possibility of mold forming can be seen very quickly. You’ll be able to see this through the black or grey spots on your ceiling, or between your bathroom tiles. These helpful tips can stop condensation from lingering for too long, and causing mold.


white ceramic sink near white ceramic sink

It is the first thing to make sure that your bathroom is ventilated. You can open a window, or leave your door slightly open. You could also choose an integrated ventilation system. This will help to reduce humidity in the bathroom. Be sure to turn on the fan before showering to reduce the intensity of humidity.

Thorough drying

white ceramic sink near white ceramic sink

After showering or bathing is important to completely clean your mirror and your walls using a towel. A hand towel can help. Are you able to dry surfaces and have an air conditioner? You’re in good shape.

Don’t hang your towel in the open.

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Do not leave your damp towel outside in the bathroom. They won’t be able to remove the moisture from the shower. Therefore, hang them in a different area and open the window.

Keep surfaces warm

Are your bathrooms heated? floors or a heater mounted on the wall? You can keep these on during showers. The heat will assist in getting rid of condensation more quickly.


Mirror heated

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Select a mirror that is heated. In the first place, it will keep condensation out and will also stop the mirror from becoming humid. Perfect!

The temperature of the shower

Do not take a too hot shower. The more hot the water is will be, the more moisture will be let out into the atmosphere. When you shower using cooler water, you make an important step towards preventing the build-up of moisture inside your bathroom. Small effort but a big impact!

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