Clean your house flat in 30 minutes

Family members invite one another over and there’s chaos at the house? You can clean the entire house in less than 30 minutes however this isn’t an exhaustive cleaning.

That’s how it is done step by step.


The Kitchen (8 minutes)

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We first take down everything we have sitting on the counters, which includes glasses from the dishwasher and some items from the pantry. Spray a bit of cleaner over the counters and the sink, then clean it off. With a different cloth and the correct product to shine the appliances in a smooth running. We then clean the floors to sweep up any crumbs, before giving the floor a quick wash the floor.


It’s the Bathroom (8 minutes)

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Spray an all-purpose cleaner into the tub, toilet, and sinks, as well as on the doorknob, counter, and light switch. We then go over the area and wipe everything clean beginning with the counters, and taking on the grimiest surfaces so that the cleaner can rest for longer. Naturally, we shut off the toilet, and then dump our rag directly into the laundry. Then, we empty the trash bin and then sweep the floor before heading towards the doorway.


Living room (6 minutes)

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Clean up any dust settled on furniture or shelves, lamps, and even the TV by wiping it off with a damp cloth. The room should be ventilated for a couple of minutes with the doors open and cleaning or sweeping the floor. Then, we switch pillows and swiftly put away any items that aren’t needed within the space.


Entry (3 minutes)

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Once you’ve removed the coats and accessories, as well as boots quickly and swept the rug in the outside area, then make sure the sweeper has an easy sweep to remove the tiny rocks. Then wash away the limescale or mud stains by wiping the area with a damp cloth.


Bedroom (5 minutes)

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We open the windows to let air circulate through the room and take out the clothes that are lying everywhere. We then sweep the floors, make the bed again, and then we walk past a tiny sweeper. Do you need to tidy more than one area? We’re asking for assistance! Do we hear a sound before we get to the point? Then we close the door and flash our best smile.

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