8 things you can clean with salt

There won’t be any expensive cleaning supplies to complete these chores.

While some cleaning products are expensive and heavy on the pocket, they are also full of chemicals you do not have or require to complete your cleaning. One of the natural solutions that can be used to complete a range of housekeeping tasks, is salt. Are you curious to know what you can do with salt? Continue reading now.

1. Rust staining

brown wooden spoon

Mix salt and vinegar or lemon juice to remove stained rust spots in a snap. The first step is to ensure the stain is dry. Are you using the juice of a lemon? Pour it over the stain, then apply salt. Allow it to rest for about half an hour before cleaning it off with a towel or sponge. Rinse it off as needed. Using vinegar? Begin by mixing the salt with one or two spoonfuls of vinegar. Then, spread the mixture over the stained rust. Then, let it sit for some time, and scrub it off using an old toothbrush. This is the same for this technique, and you could rinse it off to get a more clean and tidy result.

2. Calcium buildup

The combination of lemon and salt is a top-of-the-line weapon in the battle against calcium buildup. Are you having problems with calcium buildup on your shower head or kitchen sink? Sprinkle salt on half of a lemon, and rub it onto the copper or chrome surfaces. This technique comes with an added benefit for copper surfaces as it helps fight discoloration. Perfect!

3. Stains from sweat

It happens to us all and yet it’s not enjoyable to see sweat spots on your clothing. It’s a relief to remove them like snow on the sun using a pinch of salt as well as warm water. Mix four tablespoons salt with one Liter of warm water, then soak the clothes in it. Be aware that this method does not work for all garments. Fabrics that are fragile like satin shouldn’t be put in salt.

4. Cutting board

After some time cutting boards may become very filthy. Although you can clean them after each use, however, it’s not easy to get them looking new. Then you’ll have cutting boards made of wood. You aren’t able to put them in the dishwasher, making them more difficult to wash completely. We’ve found an effective trick to solve the issue. The combination of lemon and salt works wonders on cutting boards as well. Sprinkle salt on the cutting board, then rub it with lemon. This can help remove even the most difficult of staining.

5. Blocked drains

person sprinkling salt in fries

Are you having issues with blocked drains? There is no need to spend money on the most expensive cleaner for your drain. Just a little salt will suffice. Add salt to the drains and wash them well by using warm water for 2 minutes. New and fresh!

6. Tea and coffee stain

You can’t make your mugs clean regardless of what you do? Salt can help in this case as well. Sprinkle some salt onto a damp cloth, then rub it onto the stains. Within a few minutes, your cups will be sparkling clean!

7. Absorbing stains

Salt can be used to remove all sorts of staining. It’s particularly good for removing and absorption of staining. Do you spill something on your rug? Sprinkle salt over the stain. This will make the stain easier to remove.

8. A scrub

The purpose of taking the bath is to become clean. Therefore, it is logical to rid yourself of dead skin cells as well. You could purchase a scrub, however, the microplastics in them aren’t great in the long run for our environment. Sea salt however can do the job also. Mix 100g of sea salt with 100milliliters of oil. It could be argan oil, almond oil, or coconut oil. You can then add some drops of essential oils to make your scrub have a pleasant aroma. Mix it all and then you can enjoy this scrub!



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