8 Makeup Tricks That Make You Look 10 Years Younger

It is well-known that having a positive attitude to life and a healthy lifestyle can make you look and feel younger. However, there are a lot of makeup tips that could aid in this process. Take a look and try these simple tricks.

1. Moisturize Your Face Strategically

Applying a moisturizer before applying makeup makes your skin appear natural. Make sure you select products that have moisture-rich formulations. When you’re moisturizing your skin, dab or blend the primer on your face with care.

2. Use Light-Reflecting Foundation

Light-reflecting liquid makeups create a dewy shine and provide an elegant canvas to complete your look. It is possible to set a liquid foundation by dusting a thin layer of powder that is loose to complete your look.

3. Use Liquid Concealer

A concealer is needed to hide shadows and bags since the foundation can accentuate wrinkles and make the skin appear a cakey. It is also advised to apply liquid concealers over regular ones because liquid concealers blend better with your skin and don’t leave any wrinkles.

4. Get Thick and Bushy Brows

A full, bushy brow that is well-groomed gives you a youthful, fresh appearance. If your brows naturally thin due to age Fill them in with powder or another product to shape, smooth, and strengthen.

5. Choose the Right Shadow Color

Picking a color for your shadow that highlights the hue in your eyes. If your eyes are blue, pick the shade with bronze or plum, brown, or terracotta shades.

6. Line Eyes to Add Definition

Eyes begin losing their shape as people get older. The right eyeliner can be the difference. Beginning with the outer edge of your eyes, draw an inward line along the top line of your lashes, keeping it as close to the line as you can. Make sure to add a thinner line at the bottom to create an even more dramatic look.

7. White Eyeliner

A white eyeliner applied to the lower part of your waterline will bring your eyes to life. Use white eyeliner in conjunction with perfectly curled lashes to create wonder-filled eyes that exude energy and youtha ful look.

8. Curl Your Eyelashes

Curling your lashes will make your eyes appear bigger and brighter and are a sign of vitality and youth. Make sure the curler is closest to your lashline as you can and then curl for about 15 minutes.

9. Choose a Lengthening Mascara

The lashes will become smaller as you get older and, instead of thickening mascara, you should consider an extension one since thickening mascara can add weight to the lashes. A lengthening mascara weighs less with thinner wands, which means you can coat each lash.

10. Try Highlighter

A little bit of formula on your cheekbones, and will make them shine with a delicate and youthful look.

11. Use Blush to Light Up Your Face

A light swath on your cheeks brightens your face. A well-buffed and blended blush resembles the look of the first kiss.

12. Use a Damp Sponge

A sponge that has been dampened will smooth out edges, keep powdery out and make the flawless makeup. It is all you need to do is get your sponge wet then squeeze the water and then dab the foundation.

13. Light Up Your Lips

Be sure to apply lip liner before applying lipstick as the liner creates a fuller, more defined shape. It also serves as the base for your lipstick to be able to stick. Pick a creamier formula that’s similar to the shade of the lipstick you’re wearing.

14. Don’t Skip the Lip Liner

It is important to draw your lips with lip liner before applying lipstick since the liner creates a fuller, more defined form and is the foundation on which your lipstick will stick. Pick a creamier formula that’s identical to the lipstick you’re wearing.

15. Avoid Glitter

Glitter is recommended for younger makeup wearers. It will be obvious that you’re trying to look younger when you wear glitter even if you’re over 30. Consider a shimmery, lightly pigmented cream or shadow instead.

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