3 Handy Makeover Tips To Organize Your Closet

It’s time to clean up the summer clothing!

The autumn season is upon us. This means that your light blouses and short linen trousers will soon be put back in the closet, while it’s the perfect time to clear the space for warm long jeans and cardigans. It’s the moment to completely organize your closet using these easy ideas for making it over your closet!

1. Sorting out and tidying

It’s a phrase that is heard frequently”decluttering. It simply is time for thorough cleaning. Remove all of your clothes from the closet and consider when you last put them on and how excited you feel about them. If you don’t feel the ” spark of joy,” as cleaning expert Marie Kondo sums up so effectively, then it’s the right time to toss the garment.

Sort the clothes that you would like to keep into categories first by season and then by type of clothes. The clothes you don’t need in the coming seasons should be kept in another place. This way, they won’t get getting in the way each day when you’re required to dress.

2. Attractive

Of course, you’d want to wear clothes that you are comfortable in. However, this can be a challenge when you are reluctant to open the doors to your closet every day. Check out the needs of your closet: A simple clean-up using a vacuum cleaner? Do you think it’s time to get an update on the paint or a new hinge with more lighting? Put up some scent-infused cubes, for example, or get the perfect set of hangers that match (and it doesn’t need to cost you a fortune! ) To give your closet an extra dash of style.

A set of quality accessories can make a world of difference in the appearance of your closet. A stylish set of Wicker baskets are great to keep your clothes organized however, it can also make your closet look more attractive to walk into.

3. Final touches

Everyone who is a tidying expert loves labels! If you start using a label maker, or you use an assortment of strong stickers, neat labels are a must. Labels are also useful for storage for long periods. This way, when summer comes around, you’ll know precisely which container to search for your shirts in and the place you put your sandals. Ideal!

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