15 Pixie Cuts To Upgrade Your Style

It’s not a good idea to wear the same style for a long. For a trendy and modern look, go for a classic and elegant Pixie cut. Here are 15 celebrities who sport different cut pixies. Check out the list to determine which one is best for you!

1. Long Fringe

If you’re an angular person or feel that you’re in the way of feminine style, consider wearing the cut with a long fringe to make it more suited to your facial shape.

Hairstyle Tip: This style can be a boon for women with gray hair.

2. Structured Pixie With Side-Swept Bangs

This well-structured hairstyle is ideal for ladies who prefer a casual style. The soft layers add dimension, and asymmetrical hairstyles provide a more balanced appearance.

Styling Tips: Brown hair is the perfect color for this look.

3. Short Well-Structured Haircut

Lily Collins is wearing an elegantly structured pixie cut, with soft layers and asymmetrical hair. The bangs are a nice edge, and those soft layers make it look more rounded. It creates a less rectangular look.

Styling Tips: Brown and brunette are the perfect pair for this cut.

4. Baby Bird Bangs

One of the most stylish Emma Watson looks ever. Asymmetry can help the shortcut stand out. The bangs are slack and cut at an angle and are paired with super short hairs.

Styling Tip: This is among the top hairstyles that office women can get.

5. Swept-Back Style

If you’re looking for a cool and fresh look, go for Anne Hathaway’s swept-back look.

Tips for Styling: A tiny amount of gel on your fringe can aid in keeping hair from your face.

6. Front Twist

For a more feminine and sweet cut, simply braid your hair or grow your hair out in the front to add more feminine features, as Carey Mulligan did.

Styling Tips: It’s a great option to dress in this manner when getting ready for a romantic date or simply wishing to spend your time on the beach.

7. Textured and Piecey

Straight, side-swept, and gorgeous, Ginnifer Goodwin’s pixie haircut is suitable for a range of hairstyles. It is best for your hair to be as straight as you can to emphasize the striking beauty of this hairstyle.

Styling Tip: If you like straight hair or with a little wavy look this cut will make you look stunning.

8. Retro Flip

Rihanna has attempted some of the sought-after haircuts of the past century. In contrast to other pixie cuts, the haircut gives it an old-fashioned look.

Hairstyle Tip: The style is great when worn with dark hair. Red lipstick is the ideal option to match this retro hairstyle.

9. The Faux Hawk Style

It’s among the most sought-after pixie haircuts. It’s long on the top and tapered on the sides, it requires the right product with a stronghold to hold the high spikes.

Styling Tip: opt for an effective hairspray, but stay clear of products that leave an unclean substance.

10. Choppy Ends

The more ruffled and more textured, the better to balance delicate features such as Keira Knightley’s. The iconic pixie bangs with an angled cut are awe-inspiring.

Styling Tip: Never forget that accessories are essential. Long earrings are an excellent accessory to this hairstyle.

11. Close-Cut Curls Pixie Cut

It’s not everyone’s dream to have short bangs or long bangs. Audrey Tautou has a charming and stunning curly cut. If you’re naturally curly locks, do it.

Tips for Styling: A chic cut with a bright smile will let your summer shine.

12. Michelle Williams Inspired Pixie

This is a Michelle Williams-inspired pixie cut. She cut her hair blonder and brushed wispy hairs on her forehead. This style is perfect for those who are trendy and flirty.

Styling Tip: Choose lighter shades, like platinum blonde or gray to let you shine in the summer.

13. Brushed Back Style

Try to straighten your hair back like Scarlett Johansson. Instead of pulling your hair back towards the sides as it starts to grow out, You can try applying some light highlights.

Styling Tip: Shave both sides of the hair to give your cut an extra cool dimension.

14. Classic Feathered Pixie Cut

This easy style can be created by any hair type. Simply use your preferred hair styling (and healthful) products to form your hair into an elegant look.

15. Side Part With No Bangs

An elegant and stylish cut with a side part with no hair bangs. Blond your hair until brunette, blonde, or brunette and you will be able to enhance the stunning beauty of this style.

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